5/21/17         East Texas Research
2:45 pm       Presented by:  Linda Worsham

Ms. Worsham started her genealogy quest in 1973 when she attended her new husband's family reunion in Tyler,
                        Texas.  The family tree was drawn meticulously and carefully on a roll of butcher paper and placed on the wall for
                        everyone to admire.  As she was studying it, she quickly came to the realization that she could have married her
                        cousin because we were both East Texas born and bred.  That day is when her journey began with minimal tools

                        Linda has since acquired mounds of information:  documents and pictures regarding her family, made numerous
                        trips to cemeteries, libraries, nursing homes to interview relatives, attended funerals, marriages, and visited 
                        courthouses and libraries in East Texas locales.

                        History, geography and culture of East Texas will be discusses as well as where to locate information and help for
                        those with brick walls in this area.
                        As always, Hospitality Susan will have wonderful snacks to accompany the standard tea, water and coffee during our
                        Meet and Greet time.  Traditionally, this has been at 2:25, but for those that require longer periods of visiting with
                        friends and new guests, please feel free to arrive before.  There is someone in the Community Room by 2pm. 
                        Parking is in the front lot of Rosemont, there is no longer entrance access from the back lot. 

Summer Break

9/10/17         TBD
2:45 pm        Presented by:  Jeremy Balkin of Family Tree DNA

10/8/17         TBD
2:45 pm        Presented by:  Denise Bennett


4/9/17           Irish Research
2:45 pm       Presented by:  Irene Walters

3/12/17          Genealogy Organization - both digital and paper
2:45 pm        Presented by:  Cary Hall

2/12/17          Beyond Vital Records: County Records for Genealogists
2:45 pm        Presented by:  Sarah Canby Jackson, CA

Genealogists often labor under the public perception that filling out their charts and finding prominent ancestors
                         making them eligible for membership in legacy organizations is their only goal.  For serious genealogists, this is not
                         the case.  Building a credible case in genealogy involves exploring all possible resources, understanding that
                         evidence, and using the information properly.  Sarah Canby Jackson, Harris County Archivist, will be discussing the
                         creation of local government records, the information to be found, and how to access them.

                        Sarah Canby Jackson:  As the Harris County Archivist, Jackson works with county employees and public researchers
                         to access information preserved in the Harris County Archives.  She has an MLIS from the University of Texas with
                         a concentration in Archives and Record Management in addition to graduate degrees from the University of North
                         Texas and Duke University and an undergraduate degree from the University of New Mexico.

                         In 2002, Jackson established the Harris County Archives as the first county archives in Texas under a records
                         management plan.  She is a Certified Archivist and belongs to numerous professional organizations where she has
                         served as on officer and board member.

                         Jackson lives in Houston with her two rescue dogs, Huckleberry Finn and Becky Thatcher, and is a member of
                         St. John the Divine Episcopal Church.

We have an extraordinary speaker for our group this January...all the way from Austin: Kevin Klaus with the
2:45 pm       Texas General Land Office!!  It's amazing what you find in their records.

                         What you will appreciate, if you attend this program, is that it's free (other than your yearly membership dues),
                         because the public paid dearly to attend the Texas State Genealogical Society's Conference in Dallas last year
                         to hear Mr. Klaus speak on the very subject we're hosting...the German Collections of the TX General Land 
                         Office: Go Forth from Thy Country and Kindred: German Texas Research.

                         Kevin Klaus developed a love of history from an early age listening to stories told by his Great Grandparents and
                         Grandparents who grew up in East Texas.  Over the past 30 years, he has collected and researched his own family,
                         using government records, letters, photographs, family Bible information and stories.  Beginning in 1990, he
                         served eight years in the United States Army. In 1998, he was honorably discharged from the Army in New Mexico,
                         and returned home to Central Texas where he grew up.  Kevin has a background in Anthropology, Archaeology,
                         and Public History from the University of New Mexico and is currently working towards becoming a certified
                         genealogist.  For the last 14 years he has served as one of the lead researchers in the Texas General Land Office
                         Archives and Records Program Area.  During his time at the Land office he has searched the early Court of Claims
                         files, German Collection and archival collection to learn more about the history of Texas and discover the amazing
                         collection of personal letters of early soldiers and pioneers who helped settle our great state.

                         Over the last few years, Kevin has focused his attention and research on the German Collection and the early
                         German settlers that came to Texas under the Adelsverein in the 1840's.  In the process he has honed his research
                         skills by tracing his own family line that came to America in the late 1800's.  This research is ongoing as he is still
                         sleuthing records in Germany to discover the history of past lives.

10/15/16      Fall Seminar and Giant Book Sale!              
8:30 am -    Presented by:  Trevia Wooster Beverly     Seminar Flyer   **Pre-Registration Required**     
3:00 pm           

9/11/16         Cemetery Removal:  Where did it go?  How can I find it?
2:45 pm       Presented by:  Melissa A. Hayes, Asst. Branch Manager Clayton Library for Genealogical Library
                        How do you find a missing cemetery and where your ancestor was re-interred?  Based on the death certificate and
                        obituary your relative left behind, they were laid to rest in a certain location, but now neither exist?  This
                        presentation will lead us to online, book and periodical resources to locate that ancestor and possibly background
                        information as to why the removal took place. 

6/18/16        Summer Seminar - Life in the Land of Milk & Honey       **Pre-Registration Required**
9 am -          Presented by:  Trevia Wooster Beverly         
3:30 pm
The immigration experience is recorded in a variety of records.  Passenger Lists and Naturalization Records are the
                        primary tools for researching your ancestor's immigration into the United States.  Their Migration across this land
                        produces even more records while giving sway to settlement patterns, military records, census records and more.

                        Seminar includes: 
                        * Most requested subject on Immigration to U.S. & Migration within the U.S. 
                        * Trevia's book sale from her personal library accumulated 40+ years
                        * Eight-page handout covering Life in the Land of Milk & honey lecture
                        * Early-bird breakfast:  scones, fruit, coffee, creamers and hot or iced tea
                        * Hot, five-course lunch
                        * Door prizes
                        * Silent Auction

                    Seminar Flyer          Seminar Pre-Registration Form

5/15/16         Presentation by:  Heather Kramer
2:45 pm
                        An in-depth analysis of the Census, both the general census and its agricultural & slave schedules (possibly,
                        State, too, in addition to Federal?).  She'll dissect every part of the census that we thought we knew, but didn't.
                        The information is extensive, with no filler or frills added to prolong the presentation.  It's ALL instructional, lasting
                        2 1/2 hours with a 10 minute break between General and Schedules, and 30 minutes for Q&A at the end of the

                        Lots of "sustaining" treats will be provided.  People are not locked into their seats but beginners, intermediate and
                        advanced researchers will be captivated.  Those with quiet recorders are encouraged to bring with.  There'll be
                        so much information, no one will want to miss one word Heather utters.

4/10/16        Navigating
2:45 pm       Webinar from Roots Tech 2016 and presentation by:  Ann Howard

                        This webinar discusses all of Ancestry's new sites...the techy-side.  April's program goes hand in hand with March's
                        FamilySearch navigational tips and tricks.  They can be viewed as sort of companion programs to help researchers
                        enhance their skills...getting the most out of researching the two greatest utilized genealogy sites.  Everyone in
                        attendance - beginner to advanced - should walk away with new techniques to maneuver both sites.

3/13/16        Make Your Family History Come Alive with Family Search      
2:45 pm      Presented by:  Rebecca McAllister

                        Ms. McAllister has always been inspired by her 95 year old grandmother and throughout her life has worked
                        alongside her grandmother to preserve their beautiful ancestry together.  Over three years ago, Rebecca was called
                        to be a Family History Consultant and loves her new role in helping others also find joy in family history.
               is one of the most heavily used genealogy sites on the internet and you will see why.  Not only
                        are there billions of records to search and millions more added each day, it is all free!  FamilySearch is a 
                        collaborative effort working towards creating one accurate ancestry for everyone.  FamilySearch is also a great
                        resource for adding memories such as photos, stories and audio recordings.  Learn how FamilySearch can make 
                        your family history come alive.

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